How to annotate GIFs and screenshots

Get your message across with the annotation tool! This is how you can easily annotate images and GIFs with lines, pen, shapes, arrows, blurs, emoji, and more.

Annotate Images

Select the Annotate icon from the App menu, to capture a screenshot then annotate.

On Mac

Annotation features

The spotlight circle and rectangle tools enable you to frame and highlight a section inside the shape, by darkening the outside of the shape.

Edit the font style, size, typeface, and alignment by highlighting the text and clicking 

Change the color of your text by highlighting it, clicking the color dot of the current color, located under the ‘Share’ button, and choosing your color. Once you have chosen a color, press the red ‘x’ and the color will appear on the default color palette.

Under the default colors you can type in a color code by entering the code in the box next to ‘Outline text’. Click ‘Outline text’ to enable or disable a trimming around the text. Click on the rainbow and customize your color via different options such as: color wheel, color sliders, color palettes, image palettes, colored pencils. Hover over a captured photo, image, screenshot, or GIF from the CloudApp menu and select the Annotate pencil icon.

On Windows

Use the shortcut to automatically open an annotation window after capturing a screenshot..

On Mac

Command + Shift + A

On Windows

Alt + shift + A

Select the Annotate pencil icon, next to a screenshot, or GIF from the CloudApp menu to open the annotation window.

On Mac

On Windows

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