My upload failed. What can I do? How can I recover my files?

You spent several minutes recording the perfect video. You captured the perfect screenshot during a meeting. You tried uploading a PDF to CloudApp. 

…and it didn't upload!

While this can be a frustrating experience, hope is not lost for your content. It may be stored in your "Failed Uploads Folder." You can check your "Failed Uploads Folder" like this:

For Mac Users:

For Mac users on 6.5 and below

  • If you are able to locate the content in there, you can drag it back to your CloudApp icon to reload!
  • On Mac, if no file is available in that folder, you can also go to and type "open $TMPDIR/com.linebreak.CloudAppMacOSX". If the failure is recent, chances are the files are still in there!

For Mac users on 7.3.7 (Lightning) and above

  1. Go to Finder and the "Go" menu located at the top
  2. Click on "Go to folder"
  3. Enter ~/Library/Application Support/CloudApp/recordings/pending/ 
  4. You may see a list of folders, which means the recordings are on your computer!
  5. Send the content of that folder to, we'll help you make a usable video again

For Windows Users: you can find your failed uploads folder here - C:\Users\(Your username)\Documents\CloudApp\Failed Uploads

Failed Uploads Folder-Windows

There are many causes for failed uploads. Internet speed is a common culprit. 

If you need further assistance or have additional questions, we’d be happy to help! Please contact our support team at

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