Lost recording, how can I prevent that from happening? My file/recording failed to upload. My uploads are failing.

When a CloudApp user makes a drop that fails to upload for the first time, a pop-up will jump out, reading “Your Failed Uploads are Safe.” (Likely due to a faulty internet connection).

In this case, you have a few options. As noted on the pop-up, you can simply try clicking the banner notification to re-upload your drop.

Other options include clicking  “Ok”  to dismiss the pop-up. But the real magic happens with the third option:

Stored away just for you

Click “Open Failed Uploads Folder” to be taken to the collection of drops CloudApp has automatically collected. You can access your failed uploads from there on, out. Once inside the folder, locate your failed drop.


Click on it, and drag it up to the CloudApp icon on your menu bar!

Voila. Upload saved. If you don't see this option available to you -- make sure you have the latest version of our Mac App, which you can download here: www.getcloudapp.com/download/mac

Want to be even more secure?

While the above-mentioned feature saves failed uploads only, you can also enable "Save GIF + HD recordings to computer". This will create a copy of all recordings in chosen folder before uploading to CloudApp account.





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