How do I setup a branded URL / custom domain and SSL/HTTPS?

A custom domain, otherwise known as a vanity or branded URL, is an excellent way to personalize your shared links so that they look like your personal domain or company domain


If you have a personal account, you can customize your links. If you have a team account, you can personalize all of your teams links with a single domain.

If you're an existing customer of CloudApp and you've already setup a custom domain, please review the section entitled 'I already have a custom domain setup'

If you're a new customer to CloudApp, please review the section entitled 'I don't have a custom domain setup and I need help'

I already have a custom domain setup on and need to point it to the new CloudApp API

To keep your custom domain consistent across both platforms, you'll want to follow these simple steps:

  1. Head to your DNS settings.
  2. Make sure your CNAME points to .
  3. Sign into CloudApp here:
  4. Find your "Customize" settings
  5. Generate SSL certificates using LetsEncrypt. This is as simple as typing in the name of your custom domain.
  6. To ensure that previously created links remain functional, select the button that reads "Allow for viewing links." This will allow your links and custom domain links from being invalidated.
  7. Please allow some time for your domain and SSL configuration to be available. If you run into any issues or delays, please click the big ? in the bottom right of your screen.

I don't have a custom domain setup yet and I need help

New to custom domains? Start here!

Your first step will be owning a domain. 

This will be referred to as the "APEX domain." An example of an APEX domain would be "". If you don't own a domain yet, you can find many services through Google that will help you purchase one for under $20.

Next, you'll need to decide if you want your URL to appear as an APEX domain ( or if you'd like to use a subdomain (

You can use an APEX domain -- as long as your DNS allows you to have a CNAME record pointing to the APEX domain.

However, we highly recommend you use a subdomain. This could be anything you'd like-- "", "", etc.

Your CNAME record needs to be set up like this:

Host (name): Selected subdomain like "www", "share," "custom," or "s" from the examples above.


TTL: the default value is fine.

You will then need to decide how you'd like to generate your SSL certificates. This can be through your web hosting provider or it can be completed through our LetsEncrypt integration. 

If you choose to go through our LetsEncrypt route, follow these steps.

You will need to make sure your CNAME record is propagated. Note that DNS propagation can take up to 72 hours.

To confirm your CNAME record has been propagated open Terminal in MacOs or CMD in Windows and type: nslookup <your custom domain>

Type your custom domain in the "LetsEncrypt" field as seen below. This can be found under the "Customize" settings of your Team page.

If you choose to use other SSL certificates, follow these steps.

    • Team admins will go to the "Team" page on your web app. If you are on a Pro account, you will go to "Account" settings.
    • Click "Customize."
    • Upload your Certificate, Private Key, and Certificate Chain.

Your custom domain will now be up & running on all created links!

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