How do I search a file by name?

With searching on the web, you can search for the file name and show the results in either of a list view or icon format. Currently search is only supported at This is a feature available on the Pro, Team and Enterprise plans.

My screenshots and videos all have a generic name, how can I ensure I can search for them in the future?

Most screenshots and videos have generic names (ex: Screen recording 2021-02-17) and sometimes it can be hard to look for a specific recording. To make your search experience better, you can enable a feature called "Screenshot naming" in CloudApp's preferences, available on both Windows and Mac.

 This will automatically rename screenshots/videos based on the app/browser you are capturing. If it's a browser window, we are using the title of the page you are on!

Below is an example of a screenshot of a Google spreadsheet.

I am looking to a specific type of file.

If you are trying to find a specific type of file you uploaded, you can also search by its file extension. Ex: searching for "pdf" will pull up all the content you made with either "pdf" in the name and files that are PDF files

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