What is CloudApp for Gmail?

You now have the ability to paste a CloudApp link directly in Gmail and see a beautiful, rich thumbnail that lets you more easily show what you're trying to share.


In order to see the thumbnail of your content in Gmail, what we call 'unfurling', you'll need to install our new CloudApp for Chrome Extension. Once you have created a free CloudApp account, learn how to capture screenshots, and videos.

The Chrome Extension helps you take any CloudApp link that you've created and magically change it into a rich thumbnail. You can consider the Chrome Extension either a 'helper' or a lightweight version of CloudApp for Mac and Windows. Other benefits of the Chrome Extension include full page screenshots, webcam recording, and tab and full screenshots.

Here's a quick GIF that shows you exactly how this works in Gmail.


The 3 steps to do this are:

1) Create a recording or screenshot or GIF

2) Install the Chrome Extension for CloudApp

3) Paste the link into Gmail and watch the magic!

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