How do I share what I created with CloudApp?

After capturing your screen, we turn your video, GIF, screenshot, etc into a short link that you can easily share and add it to your clipboard. You'll see this message when the link is ready to share.

Image_2019-01-20_at_8.11.38_AM.png That link is also automatically added to your clipboard, which means you can use a hotkey to paste the link or right click and select 'Paste'. You can share your link in many ways (or Download them if you'd like), but we'll outline a few to help you get started:

Use a keyboard shortcut to paste the link or right click and 'Paste'

  • By pasting the CloudApp link into any chat, email, Slack, Facebook or Skype conversation, the content will automatically preview and make a quick, magical experience for whoever you are sharing with. To paste:
    • Mac: Command + V 
    • Windows: Control + V


Directly from your apps using Mac's โ€˜Sharesheet' feature. 


iMessage, Social Media, and other connected apps


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