How do I share what I created with CloudApp?

After capturing a screenshot, video, GIF, etc., we turn your file into a short link that you can easily share. You'll see this message when the link is ready to share.

Image_2019-01-20_at_8.11.38_AM.png That link is also automatically added to your clipboard, which means that you can use a hotkey to paste the link or right click and select Paste. You can share your link in many ways (or download them if you'd like), but we'll outline a few to help you get started:

Use a keyboard shortcut to paste the link or right click and Paste.

By pasting the CloudApp link into any chat, email, Slack, Facebook or Skype conversation, the content will automatically preview and make a quick, magical experience for whoever you are sharing with. To paste:

    • Mac: Command + V 
    • Windows: Control + V

You can also share the content itself without the link!

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