How do I make my content expire?

There are several ways you can set your content to expire. Only paid users are able to access these security features. We will go over the different avenues you can use to set an expiration date on your content as well as features available to admins/owners of team and enterprise accounts.

You can set your content to expire through the app:

  • Open your app and click on the lock icon (or select the three dots next to your content and click on ‘secure item’)
  • Select the type of expiration you wish to use

Or through your web dashboard on the viewer page:

  • Open your web dashboard
  • Click on the ‘eye’ icon for the content you wish to edit
  • Click on the ‘share’ button on the viewer page and then click ‘edit’

For team and enterprise accounts, your admin is able to set an expiration date on all of your team’s content. They can choose if the content is moved to the trash bin when expired, or permanently deleted. 

Admins can access these features by:

  • Going to their web dashboard and clicking on their team settings
  • Select the ‘files tab’
  • Select the expiration date you wish to choose and hit ‘update’

Make sure to select if you’d like the team’s content to be moved directly to the trash bin after expiring or to be deleted permanently.

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