How do I add or remove members from my team? How do I purchase additional seats / licenses?

If you are have a 'Team' or 'Enteprise' subscription, you may need to regularly add or remove members on your plan. You can easily do that in the Settings section of your dashboard by visiting

Note : you must be an admin or owner and have that workspace selected on the top left corner of your dashboard.

1. Go to your email drop-down in the upper right-corner

2. Select 'Team' and go to the left side Nav bar and select 'Members'

From this page, you can invite new members, see all existing members of your team, as well as manage the amount of “seats” you have allocated. 

What is a seat?  A seat is the amount of CloudApp licences your account has. If you have any questions, feel free to talk to your customer success manager or reach us at

Invite members

Email invite

In order to add more members, you can use the top right section called invite members. If you still have seats available in your subscription, they will automatically be added once they accept your invitation.

If you do not not have seats available, you will be asked to increase the amount of seats before you can invite new members.


You can also add your company domain and team members will automatically get added onto your account when they sign up with a 'domain' that matches the domain you've entered (like would match to In order to do so, you can add your company email domain(s) so users can automatically start creating content on the company CloudApp account!

If you have additional seats available on your account, any signup matching that domain will count towards your seat. If no seats are available, they will be able to request a license when signing up (see domain signups below)

Domain signups

Whenever someone signs up for CloudApp with a company email domain that you've set, employees from your company (matching that company domain) will be able to 'Request a license' and you will be notified each time and be given an opportunity to approve them.

Remove members

On a 'Team' or 'Enterprise' plan, you can remove any member in the Members section of the settings. When they are removed their account will be reverted back to free and they will not be able to access your teams shared collections, security settings, or branding.

On an 'Enterprise' plan, you can revoke any member’s license, which will remove the member from the team but keep that email and account within your organization. The disabled account will not count towards your organization's seats and that user will not be able to use their CloudApp account. This is useful for team members who have left the company.

In both instances you will be able to transfer the files into another member’s account.

You can remove members at any time, and adjust the number of seats which will be credited towards your next bill. If you have more members on your team than you do in your plan, you can’t lower the quantity of seats until you remove members.

Purchase more seats

As your company grows, it could happen that you need more seats. In order to do so, you can go to the Members section and click on “purchase more seats” at the top of the page.

More questions?

If you cannot adjust the number of seats on your account, it can be that you already have a specific number of seats in your contract. Your dedicated customer success manager is available to help you with any of your questions and membership needs.

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