How to set up OneLogin and add single sign-on?

1. Sign into your OneLogin account, go to Apps > Add Apps, add SCIM Provisioner with SAML (Core Schema v1.1) and press Save




2. Go to SSO tab and send us your X.509 Certificate, SLO URL and SSO URL to so we can validate your app in our database.


3. Once we're done with setting things up on our end, we will send you the following information:

- SAML Audience URL
- SAML Consumer URL
- SCIM Base URL:
- SCIM JSON Template:
"schemas": [
"email": "{$parameters.scimusername}",
"details": {
"first_name": "{$user.lastname}",
"last_name": "{$user.firstname}"
- SCIM Bearer Token 
Enter these details in  Configuration tab, change API status to  Enabled and press  Save.
4. You will be able to sign-in using the SAML 2.0 Endpoint in CloudApp desktop app or SAML app in Onelogin dashboard.
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