I deleted a drop. Where did it go? (A.K.A. The 30-Day Trash System Page) 🗑 (All Clients)

Whether the delete was an accident or accidentally-on-purpose, CloudApp’s new trash system gives you the flexibility to retrieve and reactivate drops within a 30 day period. This page will simply highlight some of these changes and how to navigate the trash system.


Question: What does it mean that CloudApp archives my drops (instead of deletes them)?

Answer: Immediately upon your selection of the “Archive Drop” button, the drop and all associated links are deactivated and inaccessible.

Your drop will be in this “archived” state for a 30 day period, following which the drop and its content will be permanently deleted.

Question: I want to be sure to delete the drop, not just archive it. Is there still a way for me to do so?

Answer: Yes. You can either, upon archiving the drop, wait 30 days for it to be automatically deleted, or you can navigate to your trash folder and permanently delete from there.

Question: Oops! I accidentally deleted a drop. How do I undo it?

 No problem. (It happens to the best of us!) You can undo it by again navigating to your trash folder, but this time selecting the “restore icon,” as illustrated below.

Happy organizing!

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