How do I use the highlighter tool? ✨

CloudApp’s long-awaited highlighter tool enhances your annotating experience as you can now use a virtual highlighter to emphasize certain elements of your drop. 

To use this tool, simply select the tool, and then click and drag over the target content. The highlighter tool will draw a straight line from your beginning point and end point for a clean and easy accent. If you find your highlighted portion isn’t according to your wishes, you can click on it to either delete the line or resize it. 

Because this tool is automatically included in the most recent Mac and Windows updates, all paid CloudApp accounts will receive this feature automatically. If you do not see the highlighter tool in your CloudApp annotation bar, check the application for updates or redownload by clicking here.  

To change the size or color of the highlighting function, simply utilize the color and sizing bar in the bottom left, just as you would with other CloudApp annotation tools. 

It’s this simple! We hope you enjoy the highlighter tool as much as we do. Happy dropping! 

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