Embed your content into a webpage

Users can embed content practically anywhere with CloudApp. Embedding content allows you to place your content on your website. Simply follow the steps below to embed your content.

To get the 'Embed' code, you can get it from several places:

  1. One of your created link pages (ie share.getcloudapp.com/LINK_HERE)
  2. Your Mac App
  3. Your Windows App

To find the embed code from one of your link pages:

From your content page, select the Share button then click the Embed option and Copy the link. Then paste the code into your website text editor.

To find the embed code from your Mac or Windows app:

  1. Use CloudApp to capture your screen.
  2. Open CloudApp and select the three dots in the upper righthand corner of the drop you want to embed.
  3. Select β€œCopy Embed Code” (or use the the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+⌘+E) to copy the embed code.

   4. Place the embed code in the appropriate location.

In an email, Slack, or presentation:

  1. Use CloudApp to capture your screen.
  2. Open CloudApp and find the content you want to embed
  3. Drag the image or GIF and drop it
  1. Enjoy your embedded content!

Some users may want to embed their Drops on an external (non-CloudApp hosted) site or webpage. If you choose to do so, please be aware that embedded drops will be visible in search results if embedded on public sites (making the drops no longer private). Some bandwidth limits also apply, see here

CloudApp drops have been and always will be made private and secured to the best of our ability. So we ask that if you want to keep your Drops hidden from Google searches or other online views, please do not embed them on sites outside of CloudApp.

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