How do I adjust webcam input for my recording? 🎥 (Mac only)

With the current Mac updates, CloudApp users can resize and relocate their webcam input with easy navigation buttons that are described below. 

Adjusting Webcam Input

Resizing Your Webcam 

-Switching to full-screen (and back).

If you’d like to switch from thumbnail to full-screen, you can simply hover over the thumbnail and click the arrows. You can also do this in the other direction. This works both before and during recording. 

-Changing the thumbnail size.

If you’d like to simply make the thumbnail larger or smaller, you can do so by hovering over the thumbnail, and then selecting the + and - icons as desired. (The + sign will enlarge the thumbnail; the - sign will shrink the thumbnail.)

Relocating Your Webcam

In order to relocate your webcam input, simply click and drag your webcam input image from its current location to its desired location. You can do this as many times as you want, both before or during recording.

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