How to set up Azure AD and add single sign-on?

Note: this feature is available only on the Enterprise plans. 

CloudApp integrates with Azure AD to enable your team to log in more securely. To get started, you can watch this video:

Or follow these steps:

1. Find your ORG ID within CloudApp.
2. Sign into Azure AD as an admin.
3. Create a new, non-gallery application in Azure AD.
4. Assign yourself as a test user.
5. Configure the sign in for this application as SSO, "SAML-based single sign-on." 
6. When you set up the SAML record, you'll need these pieces of information:

7. Email with the Identity Provider Issuer,  Identity Provider SSO URL, and Certificate.
8. Receive confirmation from support that the record has been created on our end.
9. Test sign in with SSO here
10. Assign the app to the appropriate users.
11. Turn on SSO within your CloudApp portal as shown below.

If SSO is the only checked option, users will have to sign in through SSO or through the Azure AD portal.

If you need further assistance or have additional questions, we’d be happy to help! Please contact our support team at

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