How do I see who viewed my content?

To help you get the most information about what you share, we capture some analytics on who views your videos and images.

Below are a few of the different features available to you to know who interacts and engages with the links you create, and how to best use the analytics features. Some features are available on paid plans only (Learn more)

How are views counted and where can I find that info?

All users opening the link to view your shared content will count as a view. We do not count when you are logged in and view your own links. There are multiple ways to see how many users viewed your content: in the apps, in the dashboard, or on each link.

We also send you an email and in-app notification the first time someone views your link. If the viewer of your content is logged in, this notification will include the email of the viewer. You can unsubscribe from these notifications in your settings.

More granular information in the "Analytics" section

All links now have a section called "Analytics". It's available when visiting the link while logged in to your account.Depending on your plan, different engagement information will be available to you :

  • View count, in-app and email notifications (free)
  • Track screenshots and videos

Advanced analytics (Pro, Team, Enterprise) :

  • list of emails of logged-in users who last viewed your content (200 max).
  • Users under the Enterprise plan can also
    • view when the content was accessed
    • Export analytics as a CSV

Anonymous users represent users that are not logged in to a CloudApp account. 

To view our plans, click here

Enforce user email collection

Members of pro, team and enterprise account can set a specific permission on their links requiring viewers to enter an email. This is especially useful if the content is restricted, or if you want to have a simple email capture over your content.

Currently, each user entering their email will trigger a notification so you know who accessed your content. That information will soon be available under the Analytics section of each link.

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