How Do I Annotate A Video

What are video annotations?

With video annotations, you can use Arrow, Circle, Rectangle, Pen, and Highlighter tools to clearly illustrate, emphasize, or highlight information as you record. Change how long your annotation lasts to match your pace- they can last an eternity or disappear after one second. Spend less effort explaining and save more time! 

What are the options?

Many options are available to help you better highlight the content you are presenting in your recording:

  • Arrow tool lets you point towards a specific element on your screen
  • The line, pen, and highlight tool let you underline or cross out a specific text.
  • Circle and Rectangle tools let you add some shapes around the content you want to highlight.
  • You can specify the color as well as the duration on screen: 1, 2, 4 sec, or infinite. Infinite drawings will stay on-screen until your recording is complete. Useful for a design review or a feedback session!

Requires a paid subscription or a trial. To learn more about our plans or start a trial, click here.

Both gifs and videos can be annotated while recording.

On Mac

On Windows

How do I annotate?

On Mac

In fullscreen, you can find an annotation icon in your menu bar, next to the pause button.

On Windows

The annotation icon is found next to the stop recording button.

If you have a smaller region selected, the same controls should appear in the control bar below your selection. You can select the annotate button to toggle on and off the annotation feature. 

Please note that while annotating you cannot interact with the โ€œcontentโ€ below. You should toggle off the annotate button in order to interact with your screen again

Can I edit annotations after my video is uploaded?

You can currently only annotate while recording since CloudApp records your screen with the annotations included.

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