A new update to CloudApp for Mac and Windows : CloudApp 7

Fast, reliable and secure. CloudApp is a cross-platform desktop client that makes it easy to capture and share screen recordings and annotated s

creenshots. You will still be able to find the value of CloudApp within CloudApp 7, in a simpler interface, while still keeping what makes CloudApp 

great : quickly sharing videos & screenshots via shortcuts and a shareable link.

This new update will help any CloudApp user have a consistent experience across the web, mac, windows and our Chrome extension with new features, improved reliability and increased speed.

No new features will be added to the 6.x series, while we push all our effort to make CloudApp 7 fast, reliable and secure. Current users can still enjoy this version, which will slowly be phased out as we keep improving our new version. Please note that CloudApp 7 is currently in beta and is available for both Mac and Windows.

Windows - Download CloudApp 7 here

Mac - Download CloudApp 7 here

Not ready yet or having issues? get the previous version(s)

Watch a 3min walkthrough

Added features on CloudApp 7

Simplified interface - Think of CloudApp as a swiss army knife for your computer, it now has an interface that goes straight to the point : take a screenshot or record a video. If you need, you still have access to many options: Gifs, annotation, etc.

Instant recording - Instead of a giant file that is being processed after you click on stop recording, your recording is uploaded as you record, allowing you to play it back and share the link instantly in Slack, email, etc. No wait time between finishing your video and sharing!

Always up to date - Our auto-updates to make sure you’re always on our latest updates.

Apple Silicon support - M1 Macs will be able to benefit from an increased speed of interaction, since CloudApp natively supports it. It will be faster than ever!

Virtual webcam support - Nowadays, webcams come in all shapes and forms. You can use most virtual webcams on the market

Restart recording - Not satisfied with your current recording? Save time by quickly restarting a recording.

Never record a sound-less video again - We now notify you whenever your recording doesn’t include your microphone sound.

Screen Recording 2022-01-14 at PM

Quickly copy an image into documents - Need a file instead of a link? drag and drop the image straight into your email, slack or presentation!

Improved GIF quality and size - Gifs are amazing to ensure that the content auto-plays anywhere. However they can be quite big! We improved our gif capturing and rendering to ensure they have a good quality while keeping the smallest size possible.

Simplified options - Our 6.x series has a wide range of features with tons of obscure options added over time. Settings on 7.x series are kept straight to the point, keeping what makes CloudApp powerful : simple screen recording and screenshot capturing.

                                  (6.x series)                                           (7.x series)

- Tons of other enhancements - Pausing gifs, change the quality without going to the app's settings, etc..

Coming soon

There are features not yet supported on the 7.x series. That are on our Roadmap for implementation:

  • Delayed screenshots
  • Local annotations, however the web viewer has most features you may expect!
  • Annotating gifs
  • And more!

Want a feature sooner than later? Send your feedback to feedback@cl.ly or upvote them on our public roadmap

If you need further assistance or have additional questions, we’d be happy to help! Please contact our support team at support@getcloudapp.com.

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