What are the tools CloudApp integrates with?

You can use CloudApp with your most used tools. There are different kinds of integrations that CloudApp offers :

Native integrations (where you install an app on the specific platform)

  • Zendesk - setup instructions
  • Gmail - use our Chrome extension to expand links within your emails for increased click through rates!
  • Slack - Watch any of your team's videos without leaving Slack! CloudApp partnered with Slack to automatically expand the links. 

Inserting links

CloudApp links conform to oEmbed/ embed.ly, which lets a broad range of applications display the link contents on their websites (ex: Medium, Reddit)

  • Jira and Confluence let you display videos and screenshots within any editable field after pasting a CloudApp url

  • Notion prompts you to "create embed" to make your CloudApp videos playable within your documents. Videos-only.

For any other platform (ex: Google Docs), you can paste the CloudApp links available in the app or your dashboard or use our "copy content" feature to integrate any image or video

You can also integrate CloudApp with your system with our available webhooks, which can notify your system when content gets created, viewed, shared or deleted.

Authentication integrations for your team (available on Enterprise plans)

If you are interested in a subscription that support SAML, please contact sales@cl.ly

Does CloudApp offer an Open API?

CloudApp does not currently offer an Open API. 

To discuss a partnership or request an integration, contact us

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